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NWNX4 gone beta!

January 27th, 2007 by papillon

NWNX4 is improving and stabilizing. I now consider it beta quality, good and feature complete enough to run live servers. The GUI that was released today brings NWNX4 up to par with its predecessor, and with the changes that have been made under the hood, clearly surpases it in certain areas.

The next task is to improve usability. The installation program is one of the top priority goals now, and work will also be done on the whole “new user experience”. The goal is to get new users up and running within 5 minutes of first hearing about NWNX.

Development update 27.01.2007: Long time no update, but NWNX4 improved even more !

Prototype 1.07 (Version is available.

- Introducing NWNX4 GUI! You can now use a graphical user interface to control your server process.
- Added NWNX demo modules. Thanks go to Grinning Fool for providing them
- New INI file option for MySQL and SQLite plugins “Log level parameter”, which controls the amount of information that is written to the log files.
- MySQL and SQLite plugins: If a SELECT statement fails because of an SQL error, the resultset from an earlier query is deleted.
- Updated SQLite library to most recent version 3.3.11
- Fixed a nasty bug in the SQLite plugin that would cause it to stop returning data after an invalid SQL statement (SQL Error) was executed.
- Fixed a a bug that caused the SQLEncodeSpecialCharacters function to return bogus data every now and then. The DB plugins now use a private, static buffer for encoding special characters.
- Shortened string for persistent location storage. Locations can now be stored in less than 128 characters, which is the default column size that NWNX and sql_include assume in general.