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December 17th, 2006 by papillon

After playing around with wxWidgets and trying out some ideas on a service handling interface, I decided to first do a quick solution that resembles the old NWNX2 GUI and supports only the interactive mode. That way, there is something out sooner, and I have more time to decide what kind of interface I really want for NWNX4.

To this end, I refactored parts of the controller source into a class, which can be used by the command line interface and the new GUI program alike.

NWNX4 development

December 10th, 2006 by papillon

The plugins and the controller program slowly loose their alpha-quality and are about to enter the beta phase. What is now needed for a first beta release is a graphical interface.

A break from working at the more low-level stuff will be nice. Yesterday, I started working on the GUI stuff, which will allow the creation and controlling of NWNX windows services. The design and functionality will somewhat resemble the MySQL Administration program, which has a clean interface and looks good, IMHO.