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Visual Studio 2005 Express and FOX Toolkit

April 23rd, 2006 by papillon

These are some notes on how to get the free Visual C++ Express version to build Win32 programs and use the FOX Toolkit for GUIs. Note: This is work in progress.

1) Visual C++ Express (or get the ISO image)
2) Windows Platform SDK (or get the ISO image)
3) Follow the instructions: Using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition with the Microsoft Platform SDK
4) FOX Toolkit (tested with 1.6)
5) Open the project in fox\windows\vcpp\foxdll and compile a release build. The result will be put in fox\lib
6) Open your solution, go to the property tab, right-click Debug and add a new property sheet.
7) Follow the instructions on Windows Notes accordingly:

C/C++: Additional include directory: $(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\include
C/C++: Preprocessor definitions: FOXDLL
Linker: Additional library directories: $(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\lib
Linker: Additional dependencies: FOXDLL-1.6.lib
Linker: Entry point: mainCRTStartup
Build events / Post-Build Event: if not exist $(OutDir)\FOXDLL-1.6.dll copy
$(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\lib\FOXDLL-1.6.dll $(OutDir)