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Current progress on NWNX4

September 17th, 2006 by papillon

Just three days before I’ll be off to vacation, I received the server executeable for NWN2. The framework around NWNX was already there, so I just had to add the hooking routines.

As soon as I get back (end of September), I’ll work on the database plugin and a beta version for people to try out.

Visual Studio 2005 Express and wxWidgets

June 24th, 2006 by papillon

After some time playing around with the FOX toolkit, I found the available documentation and examples are lacking a bit. wxWidgets is the next candidate for the NWNX GUI, and in terms of community support, looks considerably better.

There is a detailed document on how to set it up with VS Express.

Visual Studio 2005 Express and FOX Toolkit

April 23rd, 2006 by papillon

These are some notes on how to get the free Visual C++ Express version to build Win32 programs and use the FOX Toolkit for GUIs. Note: This is work in progress.

1) Visual C++ Express (or get the ISO image)
2) Windows Platform SDK (or get the ISO image)
3) Follow the instructions: Using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition with the Microsoft Platform SDK
4) FOX Toolkit (tested with 1.6)
5) Open the project in fox\windows\vcpp\foxdll and compile a release build. The result will be put in fox\lib
6) Open your solution, go to the property tab, right-click Debug and add a new property sheet.
7) Follow the instructions on Windows Notes accordingly:

C/C++: Additional include directory: $(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\include
C/C++: Preprocessor definitions: FOXDLL
Linker: Additional library directories: $(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\lib
Linker: Additional dependencies: FOXDLL-1.6.lib
Linker: Entry point: mainCRTStartup
Build events / Post-Build Event: if not exist $(OutDir)\FOXDLL-1.6.dll copy
$(ProjectDir)..\lib\fox\lib\FOXDLL-1.6.dll $(OutDir)

NWNX4 Developer call

March 13th, 2006 by papillon

I posted the official announcement of the new Neverwinter Nights Extender for NWN2 today. It’s name will be NWNX4.

The main work will be on the program itself, but the website and the documentation section will get an overhaul as well.

To my pleasure, numerous people have already offered to help !