NWNX 1.08 final(ly) released

July 14th, 2007 by papillon

1.08 stayed in beta for quite a while, before getting officially released today. I wanted to make sure that there are really no known bugs before I call it “final”.

The new functions Obsidian Entertainment added specifically for NWNX turned out to be the best thing after sliced bread. They make NWNX so much cleaner and faster, it makes me want to get more of them ;-). So this is what I am trying to get from them next, specifically, more functions for working with GFF encoded object data right from the server’s memory.

Apart from that, new plugins are beeing released by the community, e.g. a new database adaptor for SQL Server and an adaption of the Profiler plugin to NWNX4, to name a few.

The nwnx.org website received much need attention as well. Parts of the download section have been rearranged, and most noteably, the documentation for NWNX4 got a complete rewrite. I feel NWNX4 as a whole (the program, the docs, the website, and the forums) has now attained a state that I feel comfortable with.