Development update

November 18th, 2006 by papillon

NWNX4 is making good progress !

As of today, there are two types of database plugins (SQLite and MySQL), and a nifty Timer plugin for accurate performance measures. There are lots of huge and small improvements everywhere. I am really exited about how nicely NWNX4 develops.

I’ve been through 4 prototypes now, each one adding a bit more functionality, with the last one quite a lot (MySQL support for example).

Linking against the mysql client library (which can be installed optionally with the server) became quite an adventure today. MySQL AB seems to use Visual C++ 2003, while I use the 2005 version. This leads to all kinds of nasty problems, effectively, you can not use their binary static library. I had to recompile it on 2005 to make it work. The upside is: MySQL versions 4.1 and 5.0 are equally supported by a single plugin !

These libs are needed for NWNX4:


You can just open the .sln file in the windows source package, let VS 2005 convert it, and then compile the mysqclient project. Be sure to use the correct configuration! “classic nt” worked for me, while the default “authent” results in a library that complains about the server beeing not the (commercial) enterprise one. Oh well.